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Quick drive from Ajax to Scarborough
Quick drive from Ajax to Scarborough

Do you have concerns or simply have questions about braces or Invisalign and located in Ajax? A quick drive to STO Orthodontists in Scarborough from Ajax can help you achieve the healthy beautiful smile you deserve.

STO Orthodontists offers professional orthodontic services of braces and Invisalign options for all of Ajax and Pickering. It’s worth the drive! Based out of Scarborough, STO Orthodontists has 2 locations to serve you better and we offer a full range of services for the town of Ajax. Invisalign, braces to fixed functional appliances and everything in between. Looking for a straighter smile? Want to be proud of the smile you flash every day? Let STO Orthodontists help you to experience the joy of smiling with confidence!

Taking your kids to the orthodontist early can save you thousands of dollars and take years off a potential treatment, even if they don’t have any apparent issues. Make the quick drive from Ajax to Scarborough to schedule their first appointment with STO Orthodontists around the age of 7. This is a crucial point in a child’s life in terms of development where a trained professional such as an orthodontist can spot potential problems before they even start. If orthodontic work is needed, children will usually need to start around age 9 or 10, sometimes earlier in girls. Starting at an early age can limit the development of improper alignment and shave time off what is needed to properly correct any imbalances. We have 2 main options for appliances to straighten teeth, the 2 amazing solutions are braces and Invisalign.

When it comes time to correct a nagging problem you may have with your teeth, call STO Orthodontists. We strive to offer excellent customer service, caring orthodontic treatments of braces and Invisalign in the Ajax area matched with a family-like environment. You won’t find this combination just anywhere.

Don’t put off your visit any longer. Make the quick drive from Ajax to Scarborough today! We can correct any imbalances or gaps with professional services that will give you a brand new smile. Don’t delay your increase in confidence and self-esteem one minute longer, straighten that smile with braces and Invisalign from STO Orthodontists.

Call today for your Invisalign and braces consultation in Ajax and for your Invisalign and braces in Pickering!

Information about Ajax you may not know :

Ajax offers spectacular bridges, natural landscapes and sparkling creeks. People often utilize the waterfront for jogging, cycling walking etc. The town also has 5 modern golf courses with ample facilities and attractive backgrounds. From fine dining to fast food Ajax has something for everyone’s taste with its great restaurants and hotels. Ajax is also home to many minor league sports teams such as the Ajax Spartans Minor League Baseball team, the Ajax Knights Minor Hockey Association, and the Ajax Rock, which are the town’s box lacrosse team. Catch a game when you have some free time to enjoy the weather and witness some incredible talent. Finally, the town of Ajax is home to one of the most picturesque waterfront views of lake Ontario spanning over 150 acres of land. With the spectacular views and a seven kilometer trail blazing through, residents and visitors of Ajax enjoy a truly spectacular experience.